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Here I come/ There I go!

After much thinking I have the decided to take the leap into the online world beyond Twitter.

This is the first entry on my new blog, which is part of my new project: Inter-Translations. Inter-Translations aims to become a meeting-point between cultures where communication will be possible.

I will write about translation, interpreting, languages... but also about vegetarianism, travelling, randomness and any other topic I might find interesting (and hope you too). Leave a comment if you would like to read about anything in particular and I will prepare an entry about it.

I cannot promise that I will publish regularly, even if I will work eagerly towards it.

It´s said, it takes about a month to develop a habit. That´s why I´ve chosen today to launch the website and the blog. By New Year it will be in full swing!

I hope you'll enjoy this project as much as I do.

See you next time!


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