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You all know (and if you didn't know you do) how deeply engaged I am with YTI.

Unfortunately, and much to my regret, I have not been able to attend the last social events. I was lucky and organised enough to book the day off for our CPD workshop in York.

Let's start then with the CPD. We welcomed David Hutchins for the third time (second for me) in York for a workshop on Company and Intellectual Property Law. As previous times, it was a very dense, well organised presentation; with lots of materials to research on our own. To find out a bit more about specific topic we discussed, read this entry by Miriam Bianco. As she foresees, probably we'll have another entry about another David's CPD workshop next year.

Very much in time for the legal workshop, our April social event took place in Bingley. YTI members joined to see "Scales of Justice", a courtroom drama by Hans Muhler. As said, I missed it, so sorry I cannot comment on it. If you know about the story and feel like giving an insight, comment!

Finally, Burton Constable Hall! Why did I miss such a lovely (apparently) location? Well, I was having my birthday party at home with some friends, so I thought it would not be polite not to be present :-p Definitely, my last addition to my "to-go" places. Worth paying a visit!

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