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New entries on the YTI blog

After the last entry on 8th December, I can now share with you the two latest entries on the YTI blog.

The first one, about our yearly Xmas lunch. This time we enjoyed the exotic Turkish cuisine at Reina Restaurant in York.

Caroline tells more about it here: Christmas lunch in York.

Warning! Mouth-watering pictures included, do not read before a meal :)

The second one, about the joint workshop held also in York along with the ITI NERG, this year's topic being sports.

Catherine Gilsenan writes in detail about the challenge our ES>EN group had to face. You may think I was quite lucky, as it involved Basque Pelota sport, but I must admit I felt quite overwhelmed by all the technicalities I didn´t know about!

Last Saturday YTI enjoyed the traditional Winter Walk. Keep an eye for the next YTI-related entry! Breath-taking photograph might be included!


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